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    If love doesn’t tear us a-pod again, then those jagged Tatooine rock formations will. Hang on!

    ATTENTION, Star Wars fans of Tumblr! This amazing design by Reece Ward will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY at; it is the first in a series of five designs celebrating the 3D release of Episode 1 next month, and we’re thrilled to offer these limited edition items as part of our Star Wars category. More to come, but for now, grab “Pod Division” in men’s, women’s or hoodie - you’ve got a little less than seven days left!

    Buy “Pod Division” (mens | womens | hoodie) NOW at!

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      HOLY SHIT.
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      I kind of wish it wasn’t a pod racer, but it’s still a good idea.
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      I’m not sure how big the crossover of Episode 1 and Joy Division fans is…
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      •Geekleetist: 1,2, & 3 don’t exist. But this is brilliant!•
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