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    Announcing: The MY LITTLE PONY “My Favorite Pony” Contests!

    It’s that time again - time to gather all the pony lovers and get ready for an amazing My Little Pony design contest!  Recently among our followers on Facebook, we did a “Who is your favorite Pony” poll; we had a lot of fun tallying your results and as it turns out, your favorite ponies were Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash! So what we’ve decided to do is have three separate design contests focused on these characters that so many of you love.  There will be three weeks to submit your designs, followed by a three-week period where all MLP fans can rate on their favorite designs! We will award a first prize of $500, followed by Judge’s Pick for $300 and three $100 runners-up.  BUT WAIT!  It does not end there!  After the conclusion of all three contests, the 5 winners from each contest will be qualified to enter a separate The MY FAVORITE PONY Contest (Subject to Licensor Approval) where the MLP fans will rate for two weeks to crown The MY FAVORITE PONY prize of $3,000!  Is this 20% cooler or what?

    For more details, dates and rules, visit each of the three individual pony contests, now LIVE!:

    My Favorite Pony Design Contest: Fluttershy - Guest Judge Andrea Libman!

    My Favorite Pony Design Contest: Twilight Sparkle - Guest Judge Tara Strong!

    My Favorite Pony Design Contest: Rainbow Dash - Guest Judge TBA!

    Start drawing, every pony… and good luck to you all! ;)

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      No Applejack….damn it >.< Anyway good contest^^
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      Reblogging again. The deadline for SUBMITTING an entry is this FRIDAY, July 20th! As of writing this, the submitted...
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      I want to enter this, but man am I scared. I don’t want to get shot down. I might upload some pony art by me later, so...
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      What what what No Rarity Why no Rarity or Pinkie Pie :C What
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      WOW. This is wrong in so many levels. 1. Some people can’t design worth shit and 2. My favorite pony is Rarity. CSE...
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