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    Plus brand NEW Tees Now Live at!

    Yup, you heard correctly! Not only are we debuting brand new Bravest Warriors designs on the site today - based on the AWESOME debut episode “Time Slime” which you can watch NOW at Cartoon Hangover’s YouTube channel! - but we are launching a Bravest Warriors T-Shirt Design Contest today, as well!

    Our Bravest Warriors contest gives you the chance to design a shirt that we will include in our shop should you win, not to mention nab up to a possible $2,000 if you are the top-rated design! And did we mention that we have a whopping FOUR guest judges on board this time to decide the judges’ pick prizes?! None other than:

    - Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors!
    - Breehn Burns, showrunner of Bravest Warriors and creator of Dr. Tran! 
    - Fred SeibertExecutive Producer of Bravest Warriors and founder of Frederator Studios!
    - and Eric Homan, Producer and VP of Development at Frederator Studios! 

    Check out the new tees and start working on those contest entries, warriors! :) And don’t forget to reblog yesterday’s We Love Fine Wednesday post for a chance to win a free Bravest Warriors tee!

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      I could actually wear that because science shirt at work and not get in trouble!
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      Making my design now. It’s going to so not win a thing.
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