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    Announcing: The Gravity Falls Design Contest Winners!

    At long last, they are here Gravity Falls fans! The long-awaited winners of our design contest have been announced and we are SO thrilled to add these tees to our official Gravity Falls merchandise at! We had hundreds of AMAZING Submissions and tens of thousands of ratings - the fan community really rocked this contest! You can see and purchase the winning designs now; congratulations to all of the artists, and thank you to EVERYONE who rated!

    Congrats as well to Mike Adams, Olivia Moura and Christopher Taniguchi, who all rated EVERY design in the contest and won our side drawing for a FREE tee of their choice!

    Also, we are THRILLED to announce another new product just added to the shop: You asked for it, fans, and you got it! You can now buy your very own OFFICIAL Dipper Pines-style trucker hat! Come and get ‘em!

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