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    Okay, mathletes who also loooove them some PONIES! - have we got the feature for you! Check out the Ponies by Numbers Collection from our MFA artist Karol Pawlinski!  There are a whopping SEVEN designs now available, each featuring a favorite pony with a particular connection to that number (Can you guess them all?  If so, you get a piece of pi… er, PIE. ;) )  Come shop the group now!

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      Also, this article explains Twi’s number:
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      they all just seem pretty obvious dj pon3 96 is standard derp eyes 8 notes in an octave 10 for 10th doctor pinkie pi 42,...
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      Okay Rainbow’s one was p lame I’ll admit that.
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      Twilight’s was the first one to work out… Learn your culture… RIP in peace Douglas Adams
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      Don’t get Twilight’s number. The others are good, though! Octavia took me the longest to work out XD
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